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  1. Basic DJ Wedding Mistakes
    10 Sep, 2016
    Basic DJ Wedding Mistakes
    Over the past month I have managed to actually attend a few weddings as a guest which is a nice change to working behind the decks whilst everyone else parties the night away. This has however given me a chance to see some other DJs at work, good and bad. No DJs or companies will be named in this blog - I have seen one excellent DJ setup and performance but also unfortunately a few mediocre ones which has prompted this post on basic mistakes that DJs make. Mistake No.1 Playing music for
  2. Choosing Your Wedding DJ
    08 Sep, 2016
    Choosing Your Wedding DJ
    Choosing your DJ is simple really isn’t it? I mean all they do is pick a song and press play, right?? We disagree. Your DJ can make or break your wedding reception! These US wedding statistics reveal some insight which is similar to the British market in our experience: 72% of Brides wished that they had spent more time choosing their wedding entertainment Almost 100% of Brides said they should have spent more of their budget on entertainment The wedding entertainment was ranked as one of the
  3. Booking a Venue? Here are some tips that can effect the DJ
    26 Aug, 2016
    Booking a Venue? Here are some tips that can effect the DJ
    SOUND LIMITERS Find out before you book if your venue has a sound limiter and if this will be in use for your event. Unfortunately in our experience the majority of sound limiters are set far lower than what is reasonable for a DJ to perform and can spell disaster for a party! Many limiters will react to the noise of your crowd as well as PA equipment which can result in a sudden cut to the DJs power supply and thus the music. Due to the damage that these sudden power outages can cause to
  4. Wedding First Dance
    10 Aug, 2016
    Dreading The First Dance?
    A wedding first dance can be a daunting experience for many so we have put together some First Dance tips and ideas which may be useful


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